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Veridocs is the number one provider for ID authentication. The core of our technology is TrueAuthentication™, which offers real-time data capture and analysis from all readable components of a domestic or international identification document and determines the authenticity of it. Our platforms seamlessly work as an on-premise solution and with any operation’s existing IT infrastructure.

The Veridocs solution uses a cache of systematic checks, helping organizations retrieve accurate and reliable customer information. Within seconds, the system will scan the identification document, validating all built-in security features. Once the document has been classified against a proprietary global document library, the system will compare the physical information to the embedded bar code and magstripe. Simultaneously, the patron is checked against a custom group of watch lists, followed by alerts sent to security, surveillance, and customer loyalty departments.












Manual ID validation and review processes are often labor intensive, inconsistent, and costly. In response, Veridocs has created a customized ID authentication system that simultaneously examines the physical layout of both sides of the identification document, as well as the various optical and electronic security features in order to automatically classify the document and present all the data captured to the end user.


The TrueAuthentication™ system starts the validation process by capturing all data from all machine readable zones (MRZ) located on the front and back of a government-issued ID. Unlike most data capture systems, the Veridocs solution retrieves data from all readable components on the ID including the magnetic stripe, the 2-dimensional (2D) bar code, and all readable text using optical character recognition (OCR). The captured information is then presented on a user-friendly Windows® platform user interface (UI). A digital image of the entire ID and the facial photo is secured to enhance this service.


To provide flexibility, the Veridocs solution can function in a standalone environment, integrate with third-party applications, or perform a data exchange role through a web browser plug-in. TrueAuthentication™ works with all scanners that Veridocs sells, as well as other integrated ID scanning devices.

Capture Data

  • Parsed data from bar code & magstripe scan.

  • OCR translation of images & text.

  • Capture images of ID front & back.

Watch List with Interactive Alerts

Checks data captured against internal and external watch lists such as OFAC,
VIP, and others. 


Notifies personnel of authentication results.

Analyze Data

Compares ID from a document library for authentication using 98% of identity documents currently in circulation.

Compares the data captured from bar code, magstripe, and OCR translated images and text.

Display and Store Results

Displays captured biographic and image data via user-friendly operator screens. 

Auto-populates forms and stores captured data in customer database portals to expedite and increase operational efficiencies. 


A common form of ID fraud is attempting to use the identity of someone who looks similar, in the hope that the person checking the ID will not notice the difference between faces. Facial hair can also be difficult to ‘see through’. TrueCompare™ is algorithm-based software with no human bias. It assesses the two images and compares base features, allowing for difference in age, hair styles, etc. The software is a comparison engine—analyzing any differences between the two images and presenting the data in the most simple way possible.


Veridocs' TrueCompare™ offers a reliable and efficient solution to ensure the photo on the identity document matches the individual presenting the ID. Once the person’s face has been matched, it is entered into the system, and can be utilized with other facially-driven solutions, i.e. watch-lists, patron identification, venue searches, etc. 

The Layered Approach

Scan ID

The identity document is scanned with a machine readable scanner. In a matter of seconds, the Veridocs software performs a number of forensic comparison tests against a proprietary database of global identification documents.   

Authenticate ID

Data is captured from the front and back of the ID, including a separate image of the photo and populated onto a Windows® platform user interface (UI) with a pass/fail indicator. 

Match or No Match

Utilizing biometric algorithms, TrueCompare™ will perform comparison of the document photo and live-captured photo of the individual presenting the ID. The results are displayed as a match or no match. 

TrueCompare works with any standard computer camera or webcam attachment.

For hardware recommendations please visit our Support Page. 


The Veridocs solution is built to work with a variety of watch lists. Internal and external watch lists can be imported, maintained and updated. They can also be shared across multiple applications, departments, and venues in real-time. This service will enable you to automatically compare patrons against various watch lists to mitigate risk while fulfilling various compliance requirements.

Once a patron has been flagged and identified on a particular list, the Veridocs built-in notification system can alert security or appropriate personnel to take action.

Internal Watch Lists

  • Banned, barred or self-excluded individuals

  • Employees - active and/or terminated

Regulatory and Government Watch Lists

View ​Detailed List (subject to change)

Proprietary Watch Lists

Additional subscriptions or cost may be involved.

  • Acuris Risk Intelligence ​

  • WorldCheck

  • WorldCompliance PEP

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