BrightTower Jobsite Safety & Security System

Automate construction site entry control and increase security

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    Authenticate identification documents

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    Improve entrance management and tracking

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    Reduce fraud and theft

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    Covert incident monitoring

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    On-demand safety and security training

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Protect construction site assets and automate entrance logs

Combine sophisticated technology and specialized training to raise the bar for your construction site’s safety and security.

Our effective, easy-to-deploy system layers ID readers, job site cameras, software and training to improve physical and personal security, enhance the entrance process, and reduce theft and fraud at your jobsite.

Streamline Access Control and Monitoring

Primary System

ID Document Authentication

  • Sophisticated, contactless enrollment & ID authentication
  • Facial matching of ID photo and person presenting the ID
  • Employee/contractor entry and exit logs
  • Monitor all jobsite entrances with automatic logging
    of activity
  • Facially identify enrolled employees, contractors, and
    frequent visitors

Security Monitoring

  • Jobsite security cameras with covert triggers
  • Active threat monitoring

On-Demand Staff Training

  • Expertly designed, online learning modules
  • Value-added modules on safety in homes and communities for employees and contractors
Construction surveillance

Customize for Your Jobsite's Security

Jobsite security

Additional Options

  • Watch list checking
  • Integration/auto-population with time card and other systems
  • Visitor management and logging
  • On-site security assessments
  • Custom consulting with safety and security experts including OSHA