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BrightTower School Safety & Security System

Take school safety to a new level

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    Automates contactless entry

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    Automates temperature scans

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    Reduces risks to office staff

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    Empowers teachers, staff and students

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Provide a safer and more secure school environment

Our easy-to-use, affordable school security system layers advanced technology with training and consulting to monitor and control entry to your school, giving staff the security tools and knowledge they need.

The BrightTower system includes software, ID readers, cameras, badging and training to monitor staff, students, parents and others entering your school. Staff, parents and students can take advantage of on-demand learning modules designed by safety and security experts. The same experts are available for custom consulting to help administrators address their unique situations.

Your school community will be confident that strong safety and security measures are in place.

Efficient Entry Control Technology

Entry & Visitor Management

  • Automatic recognition of staff, students and enrolled visitors
  • Sophisticated authentication of visitor IDs
  • Facial matching of ID photo and person presenting the ID
  • Watch list checks (e.g. restraining orders, sex offenders, etc.)
  • Touchless temperature checks
  • Printing of visitor badges
  • Visitor logs for COVID-19 compliance and contact tracing

Security Monitoring

  • Security cameras with covert triggers
  • Active threat monitoring
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Training for Safer Communities

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On-Demand Staff Training

  • Expertly designed learning modules created for schools
  • Value-added modules on safety in homes and communities for students and families

Custom Consulting

  • Access to safety and security experts with backgrounds in building and personal security, fraud prevention, electronic security, law enforcement, crisis management and more