Unrivaled ID Authentication

See why Veridocs is trusted by the leaders in the casino gaming industry, arguably the most-regulated industry in the country.

Not all ID authentication is created equal.

Fake IDs are everywhere, and they're getting better. Veridocs goes beyond traditional ID verification scans for companies and organizations to ensure physical identification documents are authentic.

When you and your staff want to be certain who is coming through your door, Veridocs TrueAuthentication™ is your only choice.

  • Preferred by industry regulators
  • Authenticates IDs in real time
  • Seamless user experience
  • Integrates easily with other applications
  • Reduces risk of fines and fraud with a simple scan
  • Verifies security features against 3,800+ global IDs
  • Most frequently updated document library available
  • Streamlines loyalty programs and guest check-in
  • Keeps internal data inside your firewall
  • Personalized US-based live support 24/7
  • Proprietary software development based in Lexington, Kentucky
ID Security Features ID Verification ID Authentication
Visual Inspection Barcode Scan Mobile Scan Veridocs TrueAuthentication®
Confirm Age verification If performed correctly
Match between barcode, printed info, RFID & magstripe data Possibly
White light security features If performed correctly Possibly
Near-infrared security features
UV security features, including holograms If performed correctly
MRZs (Machine ReadableZones)
Capture Data for integration with other applications Possibly Possibly
OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Possibly
Image of entire ID document
Image of photo ID
Integrates with watch list management and monitoring Possibly Possibly
Preferred by regulators
Easy integration with other applications
Personalized five-star 24/7 customer service
US-based software development

When you want to be certain, you want Veridocs.