TrueAuthentication ®

Real-time authentication for government-issued domestic or international IDs

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    Be certain with advanced ID authentication far more sophisticated than a barcode scan

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    The most frequently updated document library available

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    Analyzes data from magnetic stripe, two-dimensional bar code, RFID, and all readable text

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Knowing Your Customer Begins with Authentication

A barcode scan or visual inspection of an ID just won’t cut it anymore with readily accessible, sophisticated fakes. TrueAuthentication® from Veridocs goes further—using multiple light sources, data matching, and a global ID database to fully authenticate a document in seconds.

TrueAuthentication technology compares a scan of a government-issued ID against our proprietary database of global identification documents, then provides easy-to-interpret results. Captured information is easily integrated into Veridocs’ or other applications.

Unlike a basic barcode scan, TrueAuthentication not only retrieves and verifies data from all readable components on the ID, but also verifies the wide array of security features unique to a particular ID document. The system also captures a digital image of the entire front and back of the ID document, and a separate image of the photo on the ID.


Authenticated Security Features

TrueAuthentication confirms the validity of:

White Light Features

Features and patterns visible to the naked eye

Near-Infrared Features

Light-absorbing inks applied only to certain fields

Ultraviolet Light Features

State seals or other designs visible only in UV light

Bar Code, RFID & Magstripe Features

Machine-readable data scanned and cross-matched to front of ID document

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Simple Results & Data Capture

Simple Results Data Capture

TrueAuthentication performs real-time imaging, data capture, and analysis of an ID, displays the data and authentication result, and offers optional storage of IDs within each customer's own firewall.

​​Within our own applications for gaming & hospitality, the user-friendly operator screens will also display the biographic and image data from the ID. This information can be auto-populated in forms, stored in customer databases, or checked against multiple watch lists.