TrueAuthentication ®

Real-time authentication for government-issued domestic or international IDs

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    Be certain with easy-to-interpret results

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    The most frequently updated document library available

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    Analyzes data from magnetic stripe, two-dimensional bar code, RFID, and all readable text

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Knowing Your Customer Begins with Authentication

In a matter of seconds, Veridocs’ TrueAuthentication® technology utilizes scans of a government-issued ID and performs a number of forensic comparison tests against our proprietary database of global identification documents, providing easy-to-interpret results. Captured information is easily integrated into Veridocs’ or other applications.

Unlike more basic data capture systems, TrueAuthentication not only retrieves and verifies data from all readable components on the ID, but also verifies the security features of the ID document. The system also captures a digital image of the entire front and back of the ID document, and a separate image of the photo on the ID.

Authenticated Security Features

TrueAuthentication confirms the validity of:

White Light Features

Features and patterns visible to the naked eye

Near-Infrared Features

Light-absorbing inks applied only to certain fields

Ultraviolet Light Features

State seals or other designs visible only in UV light

Bar Code, RFID & Magstripe Features

Machine-readable data scanned and cross-matched to front of ID document

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Simple Results & Data Capture

Simple Results Data Capture

TrueAuthentication performs real-time imaging, data capture, and analysis of an ID, displays the data and authentication result, and offers optional storage of IDs within each customer's own firewall.

​​Within our own applications for gaming & hospitality, the user-friendly operator screens will also display the biographic and image data from the ID. This information can be auto-populated in forms, stored in customer databases, or checked against multiple watch lists.