Our mission is to create a more secure world by delivering innovative identity solutions, enabling our partners to truly know their customer

Veridocs provides our partners with the ID authentication and identity management tools they need for Know Your Customer (KYC) processes, safety & security, and regulatory compliance.

How It Started

After the events of September 11, 2001, organizations across the nation had a new focus on security. That included increased scrutiny of casinos and the people who pass through their doors. Checking patron IDs against government watchlists became the norm. These list checks were important but tedious, as well as time-consuming due to the high volume of visitors in places like Las Vegas.

In 2006, Veridocs, Inc. co-founder Dennis Nelson connected with the security team at the Venetian in Las Vegas, one of the premier gambling destinations in the world. Nelson offered to automate list checking to be performed digitally instead of manually. That’s how Veridocs got its start. The Veridocs headquarters was soon established in Lexington, and Chief Technology Officer Chad Coker joined the company.

Technology Pioneers

The founding team at Veridocs realized that a watchlist check would have limited usefulness if they couldn’t also make sure that the ID document was authentic and not counterfeit (fake, borrowed, stolen or altered). That led them to pioneer the field of ID authentication with TrueAuthentication. This more robust process involves scanning an ID document with multiple light sources and cross-referencing its security features against a comprehensive document library.

Chief Customer Officer Sam Shelton came to Veridocs in 2009.

Veridocs’ pioneering expertise in authentication and automated watchlist checking soon made them the premier provider of ID solutions in the casino and gaming world.

Industry Expansion

In 2010, Veridocs opened their office in Chanhassen, MN. Since then, they have expanded their industry reach to include:

What’s Next in ID Authentication

In 2022 the company introduced its Evolution platform and TrueListReview.
Evolution presents users with a streamlined, scalable, browser-based user interface in an easy-to-use format for accurate, faster use at front-end scanning stations as well as for reviewing transactions behind the scenes in back-of-house.

TrueListReview complements TrueListCheck, Veridocs’ real-time watch list management. TrueListReview technology allows users to easily monitor customer lists for continued compliance after a patron’s initial ID scan or enrollment into player’s clubs or other programs.

Looking forward, Veridocs is committed to building value for customers by meeting the growing need for fast and reliable identity security solutions in an increasingly complex world. The company continues to expand outside of the gaming and hospitality world so businesses across industries can be certain they know their customer, reduce fraud, and protect themselves from financial risk.

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