Protect your store from fraud and fines

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    Reduce risk of liability for false identification

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    Automate contactless age verification

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    Help eliminate staff guesswork identifying fake & “borrowed” IDs

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    Empower and protect staff with on-demand training

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    Add modules for additional security layers

Automate age verification while strengthening security

Our easy-to-use, enterprise-wide modular system automates the age verification process for high-risk retail markets.

With industry-leading ID readers and software, Veridocs helps increase security and protect your establishment against fraud and fines.

Empower Staff with Easy-to-Use Technology

Veridocs Retail

Contactless ID Authentication

  • Sophisticated authentication of customer IDs; more advanced than a barcode scan
  • Easy-to-read age verification results
  • Audit trails of ID scans for future reference or enforcement concerns
Retail ID scanner

Layer In Customized Options

Convenience store ID scanner

Veridocs Retail Enterprise

Everything included in Veridocs Retail, plus additional options:

  • Watch list checks (e.g. do not serve, restricted customers, etc.)
  • Security cameras with covert triggers
  • Active threat monitoring