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Enhance your software with ID authentication technology

Industry-leading Veridocs components help you meet customer demands

  • Our Components for Trusted Integrators

  • TrueAuthentication® | Authentication for government-issued domestic or international IDs

  • TrueCompare | Facial comparison between an ID photo and the person presenting it

  • TrueListCheck | Fast checking of blocklists and safelists with alerts and messaging

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Help your software customers be certain

As fraud and ID theft continue to cause security issues and monetary losses for industries including retail, financial, hospitality, visitor management, and more, software companies are being challenged to provide their customers with integrated solutions for ID authentication and management. Veridocs’ roots in casino gaming—one of the most highly regulated industries with sophisticated customer demands—make it an ideal partner for software companies seeking an efficient way to embed real-time ID authentication tools within their own solutions.


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ID authentication

Our TrueAuthentication technology analyzes a scan of a government-issued ID, compares the ID document to our database of global identification documents, and confirms a match between the machine-readable zones and the data on the front of the document. Images are captured of the entire front and back of the ID document, as well as a separate image of the ID photo.

Authentication results are easily integrated into your application with the provided SDK, allowing you to offer customers real-time ID authentication that helps prevent fraud, reduce staff errors in ID checks, and improve legal compliance. Learn more


Facial Matching

Veridocs TrueCompare™ matches a live image of the person presenting an ID document with the photo on the ID, enabling you to add another layer of ID authentication to your application. The result is easily integrated into your application via the included SDK. For end-users, this technology reduces human errors in ID checks, opens new possibilities to utilize unstaffed kiosks or workstations, and protects against one of the most common forms of ID fraud.

​​With TrueCompare, your solution can enhance know-your-customer efforts and offer certainty that the person presenting an ID is its rightful holder. Learn more

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Watch List Management

With this easy-to-integrate web service, you can offer customers a tool to check an ID against numerous watch lists in real time, before a patron transacts. TrueListCheck can confirm that an ID holder is not on any regulatory or government watch lists, and not on your customer’s own blocklist. The technology also works with other customer lists, providing the ability to flag VIPs or other notable visitors. Learn more