Watch List Monitoring

Assures Continued Compliance

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Ongoing Protection with TrueListReview

Extend the power of Veridocs watch list management with watch list monitoring. Easily integrates into existing systems or as a stand-alone module to review your customer lists as scheduled or on demand. This Veridocs module helps maintain continuous compliance to minimize risk of regulatory fines and fraud.

TrueListReview Product Highlights

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List Review Options

Schedule watch list monitoring or view on-demand when convenient
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Set Frequency

Watchlists are updated as frequently as daily
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Be Certain

Assure continued compliance after initial entry or enrollment

Enhance Customer Experience and Safety

TrueListReview is an important component in seamless and continuous identity management. This technology supports continual monitoring of customer lists against a full array of watch lists from internal and proprietary lists to regulatory and government watch lists.

Why Choose TrueListReview?

  • Enables you to create a better, safer experience for your patrons
  • Monitors your customer lists on schedule or on demand
  • Continues to check establishment criteria for entry after initial enrollment into player’s clubs or other programs.
  • Allows you to import custom and proprietary lists and manage them without having to deal with spreadsheets

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