Evolution Platform Enhances Core Identity Management Technologies

Veridocs is evolving. Our new Evolution platform offers identity management with robust UI for faster results.

Fifteen years ago, Veridocs completed our first installation on the Las Vegas Strip. Since then, our automated identity management solutions have become the preferred choice by the most recognizable names in gaming and hospitality around the world.

However, that doesn’t mean that we’re sitting idle. We want to make sure that your ID management – whether in-house or as an integrator - keeps up with changing needs in the regulation landscape. That’s why Veridocs is evolving.

A Streamlined Experience for ID Management and Monitoring

Veridocs has introduced our Evolution platform, which enhances our core TrueAuthentication and TrueListCheck technologies to go beyond the basic ID verification scan. As part of the new platform, Veridocs has a new monitoring module to go beyond the initial scan, TrueListReview.

Evolution Platform

The Evolution platform features a streamlined, scalable, browser-based user interface in an easy-to-use format for accurate, faster use at front-end scanning stations as well as for reviewing transactions behind the scenes in back-of-house.

The UI platform extends to the security console and unlimited enterprise-wide monitoring through surveillance alerts, customized reporting, and clear audit trails. The full power of this industry-defining solution also supports age-restricted retail, car rental, entrance and access control, and healthcare markets.

Watch List Management and Monitoring

As part of our TrueListCheck watch list management solution, Veridocs has developed a new monitoring module, TrueListReview. This complements Veridocs’ real-time watch list management by allowing users to easily monitor customer lists for continued compliance after a patron’s initial ID scan or enrollment into player’s clubs or other programs.
By connecting to and populating legacy systems such as POS or loyalty programs or integrated into new systems or self-service kiosks, these technologies allow users to be certain of not only who is walking through your doors, but that on return visits, they still meet required criteria.

TrueListCheck and TrueListReview are available for integrators for easy integration into existing applications.

Published: 11/18/2022