Get Real-Time Watchlist Management

Stop ID fraud before it happens — from the door to the floor.

Fraud doesn’t stop at the door. Protect your whole casino.

Fraud lurks from door to floot

Millions of dollars in regulatory fines are levied against casinos every year for allowing banned individuals in. Don’t let a person on a watchlist slip through the cracks.

From your customers’ first step into the casino, compliance is more certain with Veridocs’ TrueListCheck™ watchlist management software. Check watchlists (like government lists and self-exclusion lists) in real-time to flag barred and banned individuals and minimize your operation’s risk for fraud and fines.

  • Real-time results
  • Reduces pressure on staff
  • Recommended by industry regulators
  • The most frequently updated watch list database
  • Easily pull and print reports for compliance checks
  • Complements TrueAuthentication ID checks

Veridocs is trusted by leaders across the casino gaming industry, arguably the most-regulated industry in the country.

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Keep Bad Guys Out, Keep VIPs Coming Back

TrueListCheck knows your VIP customers from the bad guys

Veridocs not only helps you protect your casino by reducing risk of fines and fraud: using Veridocs helps you enhance customer service by making ID and watch list checks more efficient so your staff can focus on building relationships. Uploading and editing your own player loyalty or VIP lists to the system is simple, and our system checks those and other lists simultaneously.

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From the entrance to the cage, if you want to be certain, you want Veridocs.