Veridocs Launches Evolution Platform and Watch List Monitoring

Streamlined identity management with robust UI offers improved speed, accuracy, and data integration; New TrueListReview module provides watch list monitoring for continued compliance

MINNEAPOLIS (November 21 2022) – Veridocs, the leader in ID authentication and identity management for the gaming industry, has introduced the Evolution platform, which enhances its core TrueAuthentication® and TrueListCheck technologies for faster results and a more streamlined user experience. As part of the new platform, Veridocs has a new monitoring module, TrueListReview. This complements Veridocs’ real-time watch list management by allowing users to easily monitor customer lists for continued compliance after a patron’s initial enrollment into player’s clubs or other programs. Veridocs’ technologies provide seamless and continuous identity management across industries.

The Evolution platform features a streamlined, scalable, browser-based user interface in an easy-to-use format for accurate, faster use at front-end scanning stations as well as for reviewing transactions behind the scenes in back-of-house. The UI platform extends to the security console and unlimited enterprise-wide monitoring through surveillance alerts, customized reporting, and clear audit trails. The full power of this industry-defining solution also supports age-restricted retail, car rental, entrance and access control, and healthcare markets.

TrueListReview lets organizations monitor customer lists for continued compliance on demand or as scheduled. This reduces the risk that occurs when a patron clears an initial list check, but lands on a watch list afterwards. TrueListReview is compatible with internal customer lists, regulatory and government watch lists, and other third-party lists.

“It’s exciting to offer our Evolution platform and new monitoring technology to our customers,” said Veridocs President and CEO Joe Oprosko. “Fifteen years ago, we completed our first installation on the Las Vegas Strip. Since then, our automated identity management solutions have become the preferred choice by the most recognizable names in gaming and hospitality around the world.”

Oprosko continued, ”Today Veridocs offers advanced identity solutions to a full range of industries so they too can be certain they know their customers.”

Three Technologies

Veridocs TrueAuthentication technology goes beyond a barcode scan to allow users to authenticate an ID document in real time, while TrueListCheck reviews a patron’s ID in real time against internal and all regulatory watch lists, with updates available daily. TrueListReview watch list monitoring assures continuous compliance. Veridocs users can be certain they know the person standing before them meets established criteria for entry or purchase – initially and for subsequent transactions. This saves time and money by helping companies maintain strong compliance to minimize risk of regulatory fines and reduces the threat of fraud. These touchless technologies enhance customer experience and safety for on-site patrons.

Veridocs ID authentication and identity management is increasingly being integrated into self-service kiosks. Everi Holdings, Inc., a premier provider of land-based and digital casino gaming content and products, financial technology, and loyalty solutions, integrates and distributes Veridocs technologies and solutions.

About Veridocs

Veridocs provides ID authentication and identity management technologies designed to help users be certain of their patrons’ identities. With core technologies in ID authentication, watch list management and monitoring, Veridocs is the number one provider for identity management in the highly regulated gaming industry.

Veridocs delivers identity management and compliance services for industries that experience significant financial and regulatory exposure to fraudulent activities. Veridocs’ services are designed to automate and consolidate identity management, compliance, monitoring and reporting services into a simple user experience. These enhanced services facilitate a dramatic reduction in fraudulent activities while providing audit trails for clients’ regulatory compliance requirements.

Veridocs is headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky, with the executive office in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and a sales and support office in Las Vegas, Nevada.