Veridocs Names Jackie Suan as Vice President of Business Development

LAS VEGAS – Veridocs Inc., a leader in ID authentication and identity management, has promoted Jackie Suan to Vice President of Business Development. Suan has been involved with business development activities for most of her career, with the past eight years at Veridocs increasing its presence in the Gaming and Hospitality sector. She now leads the sales team to bring TrueAuthentication® and TrueListCheck™ technologies to age-restricted retail, entrance and access control, and healthcare markets, while continuing to serve Gaming and Hospitality. Veridocs integrates ID authentication with list checking against internal, government, and proprietary watch lists to provide seamless and continuous identity management for compliance, monitoring, and loyalty program enrollment.

“During the past eight years, Jackie has been a huge asset to Veridocs customers and our team. She continues to be an inspiration to me personally,” said Veridocs President and CEO Joe Oprosko. “Her leadership will allow us to bring our advanced identity solutions to a full range of industries so they can be certain they know their customers.”

Veridocs TrueAuthentication technology goes beyond a barcode scan to allow users to authenticate an ID document in real time, while TrueListCheck reviews a patron’s ID in real time against numerous global government watch lists with the most current libraries available. Veridocs users can be certain that the person standing in front of them meets established criteria for entry or purchase. This saves time and money by helping companies maintain strong compliance, minimizing risk of regulatory fines and reducing the threat of fraud. These no-touch technologies also enhance customer experience and safety for on-site patrons.