Enhancing Customer Loyalty Through List Checking

A personalized experience can make or break your bottom line.

In today's highly competitive business landscape, delivering exceptional customer service has become a necessity. More than 90% of consumer companies have some sort of loyalty program, which is shown to be highly effective in boosting sales and bringing customers through your doors. This includes retail stores, hotels, casinos, car rentals and more. However, providing a one-size-fits-all approach or even adding personalized digital communications may not be enough to truly satisfy customers to keep them coming back.

By tailoring in-person, personalized experiences to recognize individual preferences and needs, businesses can create a sense of exclusivity and trust. Customers will feel like valued insiders. Loyal customers come back again and again, make recommendations to friends and are also less likely to be swayed by competitors.

Staffing and training can be challenges that make the extra effort of personalization feel too time-consuming. But how can your business cultivate loyalty on top of all the other demands of your employees? The answer lies in integrating and displaying relevant customer data via automated list checking.

How List-Checking Leads to a Personalized Experience

The Veridocs automated list-checking program TrueListCheck automatically scans a customer’s ID document and pulls relevant data to check against internal lists. In real time, the employee can see if this person is on a relevant list, such as a VIP list, and take appropriate action.

A list-checking program that integrates with your existing systems means that no matter who is welcoming your customer, they can see a photo of the person along with information like dates of previous visits, dollars spent, and other data to pave the way for a personalized interaction.

For example, hotel staff in a popular tourist area can analyze your guest data to build a VIP list of the most valuable and active customers. When a valuable customer checks in and their ID is scanned, all the relevant information is automatically checked against your loyalty list. Now anyone on your staff, at any time, can see if that guest is eligible for any perks that are part of your VIP program.

Personalization can also be essential for those who aren’t yet at the level of VIP status. Names, faces, birthdays, anniversaries, and other key information at one time lived only in an employee’s head. Automated list checking makes sure that all customer-facing employees have access to that knowledge in a fast, accurate package. You can recognize and reward customers for their repeat business, which in turn inspires them to continue returning.

List checking makes personalized service faster and easier to perform for all of your customer-facing staff, leading to better retention rates and higher revenue. It’s time to put it front and center as part of your customer service.