Enhancing Data Center Security

Data centers are secure inside fenced and guarded facilities that look like airports without airplanes. They house and protect the physical servers of some of the most influential Fortune 100 corporations. Companies with high data security demands, like Google, PayPal, and Sony, rely on these types of facilities — with names like The Citadel and The Keep — because they keep bad actors out of their data. The primary security concern for most data centers is not remote hacking but unauthorized and ill-intentioned individuals gaining physical access inside.

The data centers’ clientele and their respective vendors come and go from these facilities as frequently as daily, creating high-traffic areas and high frequencies of credential verification. Conducting visitor management by verifying an individual’s identity and screening against a series of government and internal watch lists is a critical component of a data center’s entrance and access control system. It must be accurate, reliable, and fast.

The Veridocs Solution

Veridocs ID authentication and watch list management solutions offer advanced technology for authenticating government identification documents, managing watch lists, refining the security process, and aligning seamlessly with data centers’ specific needs within its existing entrance and access control system.

Integration with Veridocs is not just a technical transition; it is a collaboration. Information security and IT teams work together with the Veridocs team to ensure seamless integration and reinforce security measures. Together, the teams establish the architecture to fit the data center’s needs. Veridocs works closely with data center customers after installation to assist with updates, eliminating possible security risks during transitions. Veridocs provides its solution inside the client’s firewall, which is important for many data centers.

Be Certain with ID Authentication

Veridocs ID authentication module, TrueAuthentication®, provides greater certainty than a visual inspection or a barcode scan. Multiple light sources and data matching confirm advanced security features in seconds to flag counterfeit IDs. This technology further verifies the wide array of security features unique to a particular ID against the proprietary database of domestic and global identification, including passports and state driver’s licenses.

Double Down with Watch List Management

Dropping an ID into the scanner or using the passport scanner allows the data center security team to not only authenticate the ID but also perform a real-time check against various watch lists. The TrueListCheck™ module automates the screening process and ensures that the security team doesn't get bogged down when manually attempting to verify IDs to maintain the reliability and efficiency of the entry process. Instead, they can shift their focus to a more strategic stance—identifying potential threats by cross-referencing guests against the extensive documents library and watch lists.

Access control systems used by data centers in conjunction with Veridocs create a highly sophisticated security process. In addition to screening government and third-party watch lists, customers can upload a proprietary list of names into the TrueListReview™ module for scheduled or on-demand monitoring. The watch list monitoring software will flag previously vetted individuals who were since added to a watch list during return visits to ensure high standards of security stay in place.

Veridocs ID authentication and watch list management are critical pieces in visitor management. The integration between Veridocs and existing entrance and access control systems expedites and enhances the security process. Veridocs' capability to identify potential security threats efficiently with watch list monitoring adds a layer of defense, ensuring security protocols are met without introducing delays.