Nebraska Casino Operators Draw Veridocs

Six Nebraska racetracks became “racinos” after voters approved casino gambling at the tracks. The ballot measure passed with an overwhelming majority in November 2020 and established the Nebraska Racing and Gaming Commission as the regulator for the new gambling operations at licensed racetracks. Among the many regulatory tasks mandated by this new legislation, age verification at Nebraska’s racinos reached paramount importance.

Age verification is most often a shared responsibility among casino staff and regulators, but in Nebraska the buck stops with Tom Sage, Executive Director of the Nebraska Racing and Gaming Commission (NRGC). Sage was tasked to find a fail-safe solution for ID authentication to prevent underage access to casino gambling statewide. “I was asked by a group of Senators how we were going to keep underage individuals out, Sage explains, “so I sought out companies like Veridocs to see what I could do.”

Sage looked for the best solution to recommend to casino operators to achieve regulatory compliance. Though casino operators would not be required to use a specific solution, a recommendation by NRGC that met the needs of Nebraska racetracks would help ensure a successful rollout of the new laws in the state. Nebraska casino operators required a reliable solution to comply with mandated ID checks, and the speed to provide top-notch customer experience.

Flagged 50 Fake IDs

At the G2E conference in October 2021, Sage found Veridocs: an identity management technology that promised a reliable approach to age verification. The NRGC rigorously tested the Veridocs software by collaborating with the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) fraud unit to test the software. The Veridocs software accurately flagged all 50 sophisticated fake IDs confiscated by the DMV, fully satisfying requirements from both the DMV and the NRGC.

“The Nebraska DMV fraud unit was pretty impressed with Veridocs,” says Casey Ricketts, Director of Compliance at NRGC, “We now use Veridocs to help with training not only our staff, but also casino security staff since gaming is new here in Nebraska, and it’s been great. We love it.”

Beyond a Bar Code Scan

Veridocs software stood out by validating identification documents beyond a barcode scan and authenticating the distinct features of each ID. Veridocs software retrieves and verifies data from all readable components on the ID, but also verifies security features unique to each document like design patterns, state seals, and light-absorbing inks. The software combines the use of white light, near-infrared, and ultraviolet light to achieve unmatched accuracy. Using those sophisticated technologies, the software captures digital images of the front and back of the ID, as well as a separate image of the photo on the ID. Veridocs’ real-time imaging process, data capture, and analysis checked all the boxes from the NRGC, earning their recommendation for all of Nebraska’s facilities offering casino gambling.

“I looked at different services, and I liked what I saw with Veridocs,” Sage adds, “The operators then got on board with this solution, and the rest is history.”

The Nebraska Racing and Gaming Commission didn't stop at ID authentication; they required casino operators to upload the voluntary self-exclusion updates provided by NRCG into their identity management system. A list is only as powerful as its checker—that made Veridocs’ TrueListCheck an especially important part of the Veridocs software solution. This innovative watchlist management feature allows real-time cross-referencing of patrons’ IDs against the self-exclusion list, ensuring peace of mind for folks who wish to exclude themselves from casino gambling. TrueListCheck also works with numerous watchlists, ensuring compliance with stringent casino regulations. Veridocs technology facilitates the creation of custom lists and seamlessly integrates with government watch lists and proprietary third-party databases.
After attending G2E in 2023 and learning more about Veridocs’ capabilities, Ricketts says “I do know there are a few other features that I don't believe we are currently utilizing, but I do plan on looking into this.”

Three temporary casino facilities in Nebraska have already adopted the Veridocs software. Among them, one facility is on track to transition into a permanent location by Spring 2024, marking a significant step in the state's gaming landscape and the future of casino regulation compliance in Nebraska.